Company History

1925 Keniichi Kuramoto founds Kuramoto Laboratory
1926 Manufactures and markets the first domestic tachometer (for hydroelectric engine)
1928 Manufactures and markets marine diesel engine tachometer
Designated factory by the Naval Department
1931 Manufactures special Army Vessel measuring instruments
Designated factory by the Army Logistics
1932 Produces tachometers with quality superior to imported products
1937 Name change to Kuramoto Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to reflect corporate structure
1957~ Imports latest precision tools from Switzerland and Germany to establish a full-scale production line Concentrates on technology developement and acquires several patents concerning vessel tachometers
1964 Wins the Academia Prize in both Tachometer R&D and Export Growth
1971 Shigeo Kuramoto takes office as president
1975 50th year in founding
1990 Joins the Japan Marine Standards Association
1993 Acquires JIS standard for electric marine tachometer
1994 Acquires JIS standard for electric marine indicator
1996 Nominated as best human/region-friendly factory by the Ota ward.
Wins the Heartful Factory Award from the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
September, 1996 Royal visit from the emperor
1997 Approved for ISO9001 (International Quality System standard) certification
1998 Visit from Hashimoto Prime minister
2000 75th years in founding
2001 Joins the "Shipbuilding web" of the Nippon Foundation.
Acquires CE marking for Propeller Revolution Indicator, rudder indicator, blade angle indicator, and traverse angle speedometer
2002 Kazuhiro Kuramoto takes office as president
2005 80th years in founding